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Payment methods we accepted are including western unionmoney gram .

1.Western Union 

 Ordered  can get the western union information .

2.  Money Gram(very fast) 

Money Gram money transfer is safe, fast and convenient. If you use this way to transfer money, 
Prices will be lower,  and funds are usually available within minutes. 
You can simply click 
 www.moneygram.com to get more information.
Our moneygram address:


LAST NAME: ***   

Full Name : ***   


Post Code : 351100

Phone number : +86 136 4507 8432 

 Address: Putong road , st 25, build 2.PUTIAN CITY, FUJIAN PROVINCE , CHINA

Please tell me follow informations below after you do the payment!
       1>.Reference number.
       2>.Sender's name (First Name, Last Name)
If you have sent the money, please email us your money gram reference number and your sender name.  My email is : mjkickz@hotmail.com